Trail Status - May 27

A small group was our last night to work on the trails. I got'a remember to take my camera next time... The lower trails are closed but ready to go - just need dewatering - let's hope it's good for next week. We are going to have start trimming ferns in a couple weeks.

Work done May 26 included

Small bridge over the ditch at the entrance to Whitney's Whip
Filled in culvert on Shell's Trail before Cross Over
Filled holes at culverts on the 1 km ski trail
Adjusted bridge at entrance to Long Road
Chain-sawed fallen trees on Rock and Roll and Joe's Jaunt
Place boardwalks on the ski trail at Joe's Jaunt
Finalized line at the beginning of the new trail between Drop Out and Pacemaker

Stuff to do this week

There is a Trail Work Party planned for Tuesday May 26, 6:30 to 9:00.  

The first group ride is planned to coincide with the Bike Fest at BioSki on Sunday May 31, 10-Noon.  See you there. The Naughton Trail are not dried out yet - curse that clay...

Click here to check out rides planned with the Women's Group.

Trail Update May 21 - Trails Still Closed

The trail maintenance crew was busy on Thursday May 21 at the Naughton Trails. Promoting water flow was the main topic.  A ditch was dug at Whitney's Whip along the ski trail, a culvert installed at the beginning of Switchback and a culvert was repair on the ski trail; all in an attempt to get the trails dried up so we can ride on them.  Trails are still closed to bikes at their are several wet spots, but stay tuned.

Trail Work - Thursday May 21

We'll be meeting 6:30 to 8:30 pm to continue working at the Naughton trails.  Bring gloves, water and fly dope.   Planned work - mini culvert between Roller Coaster & Switchback, bridge at top of Door Step, mini culvert at the lowest point of Rock & Roll, a few large fallen trees need a chain saw on the upper trails, bridge on ski trail at Joe's Jaunt.

May 14th Trail Update

May 14 Update - The trails remain closed this week. The work party this week focused on the lower trails. Three bridges where installed and culvert crossings repaired. Some ditching was done to encourage water to drain from the some ski trails that are still wet. The new Mucho Gusto trails was de-rooted and filled and is ready for tilling. If the weather stays warmer and dryer, the trails should be ready for riding before the end of the month.