Club Memberships Available On-Line

The trails in Naughton are open and all the arrows are up, so if you've been holding off, it's time to get your club membership. Get it on-line at Zone4. Flag down a member of the Club Board to get your membership plate.

Naughton Trails Open for Riding

The riding seasons has begun at the Naughton trails.  The final trail signs and direction arrows will go up Saturday morning. The first group ride at Naughton will be Sunday May 22 at 10 am.

Social / Group Ride 17 May 16 at Taphouse

WMBC will begin the riding season 17 Many 2016 by hosting a Social / Group ride at the Tap House located at 1544 Regent Street. The group will meet in the parking lot at 6:15 and a group ride will start from there and go to Laurentian University for a trail ride. We will then return to the Tap House for refreshments and food courtesy of Stack Brewing and Adventure 365. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there. Please ensure that your bike is ready to go and you are wearing a proper helmet.

Trail Condition Update

The WMBC trail crew is is the process of prepping the Naughton venue for the season....we are still at least a couple weeks away from opening things up...It is still very wet and the frost is coming out of the ground on both the lower and upper sections.  The ski trails are also quite soft as the frost is deeper on these trails.  Please avoid riding the Naughton Trails for a couple more weeks. If you are out riding and there are long sections where you are leaving your mark, find another area to ride until it is dry.   If it's wet, let it set.  If it's dry, let'er fly.  Stay tuned for further updates.  We will have sections open for the Sudbury Bike/Vélo Fest on June 5th.

Trail Work Parties Planned

I know you are pining to ride, so use some of that energy to get the trails ready for the season. Reach Rusty at 705-919-1057 to find out were we are at on the trails. Bring leaf rakes, gloves, eye protection, water & snacks. Trails need to be raked, debris need to be removed, bridges need to go in and there are a couple big fallen trees to be cleared.

Sunday May 1,   8 - 12
Tuesday May 3,  6 - 8:30
Saturday May 7, 8 - 12
Sunday May 15, 8 - 12
Monday May 16, 6 - 8:30