Naughton Trails Closed to Biking

It was a great riding season this year at Naughton. It opened two weeks early on May 18 and closed 6 weeks later than normal. If you got out for a ride in October or November, you saw everyone with crazy grins on their faces. The trails are closed now to biking. The bridges are removed and the arrows are down. The trails will open for Fat Biking once the ground is frozen, or when we get a groomed snow layer. Stay tuned for Fat Biking details. Please show your respect to the Ski Club and stay off the trails as they get them ready for their members.

Fall Events

The fall riding season is drawing to a close, but winter Fat Biking is around the corner.   Go to the Calendar to find all the information on these extra events.

  • Sat Nov 19 - Trail Work Party - Naughton, 8 - Noon
  • Sun Nov 20 - Trail Work Party - Naughton, 8 - Noon
  • Sun Nov 20 - Last day of riding at Naughton - 2pm Group Ride
  • Sat Dec 3 - Group Ride - Global Fat Bike Day

Fat Biking in Naughton this Winter

Fat Biking is a reality at the Naughton Trails again this winter. I need a couple people from the Fat Bike Community to step up to work on a committee to organize the riding at Naughton this winter. In the short term, you’ll work with the Ski Club’s trail grooming crew to determine when conditions are conducive to Fat Biking. Another item to sort out is the possibility of grooming snowshoe trail to better enable Fat Biking on these trails. In the medium term, there are possibilities to develop Fat Bike only trails. At the moment, the sky is really the limit.

Drop me a note if you are willing to get involved. A meeting will be set up in November to plot a path forward.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Riding Continues at Naughton

The joy of fall riding continues at Naughton. The amazing weather is allowing us to stay open another week. It will be a little too wet on Tuesday, so the group ride will be cancelled, but the trails remain open for riding until Sunday Nov 12. Come out for the group ride on Sunday. We'll make it a 2:00 pm start, to allow the dew a chance to dry up.

Trails still open at Naughton

There’s more good new at the Naughton trails. With the dry, warm forecast, the trails are still open to riding for another week, until Sun Nov 6. Make the best of it! Group rides are Tuesday night (if dry enough and with a headlamp) and Sunday morning.

The downside of fall riding is the leaves. All trails were blown off again this weekend (by Sunday noon). The lower trail should remain leaf free, as all the poplar and maples leaves have fallen. The upper trails have a lot of oak trees and these leaves are still falling, so the upper trails will need the blower treatment again. We are looking for volunteers. It can be done early morning or in the evening with a headlamp, so it does not creep into your riding hours.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can help on Friday evening or Saturday morning.  Two people are needed.