2012 Summer Youth Skills Program

This session proved very popular and is now full. It is looking for more instructors to be able to teach more kids. Contact Rusty if your are interested in becoming a coach.


The program is held on 6 Sundays during the summer, skipping long weekends and Club event weekends.


The program is held on 6 Sundays during the summer, skipping long weekends and Club event weekends. Make-up dates are Wed, Jun 28 and Aug 8 for Sudbury Fitness Challange conflicts on Jun 24 and Aug 12.


Dates: Jun 24, (Jun 28), Jul 22, (Aug 8), Aug 12, Aug 19, Aug 26, Sep 9

Time: 10:00 am to noon (before it gets too hot)

Where: Naughton Trails, 1 Denis Ave, Naughton, ON

Cost: The fee for the program is $20.00

A $25 WMBC youth membership is required

Who: The program is open to children aged 9 to 13.

How Many: Limited to the first 12 registered

How: Registration on Zone4, but it is now Full.


CLICK HERE for the full Information Sheet for the program


More Questions: Contact Rusty at 692-0491 or Rusty at TheHoppers dot ca

2012 Summer Youth Skills Program

 The program is held on 6 Sundays during the summer, skipping long weekends and Club event weekends.


Dates:   Jun 24, Jul 22, Aug 12, Aug 19, Aug 26, Sep 9

Time:   10:00 to 12:00 am (before it gets too hot)

Where:   Naughton Trails, 1 Denis Ave, Naughton, ON

Cost:      The fee for the program is $20.00

              A $25 WMBC youth membership is required

Who: The program is open to children aged 9 to 13.

How:  Registration will be set up shortly on Zone4.

Questions: Contact Rusty at 692-0491 or Rusty at TheHoppers dot ca

WMBC March 29th, 2012 AGM Minutes

1. Welcome to all members

7:05pm start, 26 present 


2. Introduce the members of the Executive


President Rob St.Marseille, Vice President Roger Girard, Secretary Marc Larochelle, Treasurer Marc Laplante, Director Erik Labrosse, Director Rusty Hopper, Director Shannon Katary, Member at large Joe Hurban 


3. Open floor to introductions or first time attendees to the WMBC AGM 


Bridgette, Angie, Holly, Gilles, Phil Mulligan, Jean, Tracy, Jarod, Paul, Joe, Steve Knight, Daniel Tambur, Charlie Reid, Dominic Girard, Paul Guenette, Damien Duff, Crystal Sabul, Jody Whadell 


4. Approve agenda 


Motion passed 


5. Call for new items for the agenda 


Membership types, differed to #11


Qualified operators of ATV and equipment, to be discussed by Executive


Roger to clarify with our ATV insurance if ATV operator course required
SOP’s for equipment use – to be discussed by Executive


6. Confirmation of Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting 


Motion passed 


7. Presentation of Annual Report : Message from the President 


Full message posted on our website




Big year for club in 2012, 

Hosting O-Cup race Jul 8th, 500 racers expected including Olympians, club expected to profit approx $3000 from pre-ride fee. Very big accomplishment, the only Northern Ontario stop on the circuit 

Open house at Naughton trails June 8th, BBq, music, free guided tours 

Wolfpack Racing had a successful year, always had a racer on the podium at each race 

Sudbury Fitness Challenge explained



8. Adoption of Annual Report (Copies of report will be made available)



9. Presentation : Statement from Treasurer 


Currently have $8000 in reserves 

2011 received a Trilium grant for over $8000 which was used to purchase an ATV and trailer, to continue our trail building initiatives 

Club expensives are minimal due to community sponsors and donations 

2011 trail maintenance cost less then $300, due to donations and many many volunteer hours 

Requested to Track monetary amount of in-kind donations when possible


Requested to spend money : 

- WMBC considering stocking gear to be readily available for members
- WMBC considering portable toilet for summer months



10. Nomination, Election & Confirmation of New Executive Group 


President – Rob St.Marseille (confirmed)


Vice President – Roger Girard (confirmed)


Secretary – Marc Larochelle (confirmed)


Treasurer – Marc Laplante (wishes to resign, Gilles Bolduc volunteers, seconded by members, will be trained by Marc and Marc to resigned at a later date)


Director- Erik Labrosse (confirmed)


Director – Rusty Hopper (confirmed, specializes in liaising with ski club)


Director – Shannon Katary (confirmed, specializes in cracking the whip, media liaising and social chair)


Member at large – Joe Hurban, considering becoming a Director, specializing in Trail Maintenance Co-ordination


Member at large – Paul Guenette, becomes part of the Executive as a Director responsible for Facebook site, and Wolfpack Racing Co-ordination



11. Vote of thanks to outgoing Executive 


Resignation of Paul Laplante previously accepted. A big thanks for helping to start a great thing for our community.


Resignation of Marc Laplante once Gilles is trained. We are not quite ready to let him leave us.



12. Determination of Annual Membership Fee


Refer to message from president. A more formal presentation of the membership fee structure and registration process will follow


Racer $60 – required for those racing the Ontario Cup circuit. Additional cost is to affiliate with the Ontario Cycling Club which is required to have a recognized club race. Otherwise would be independent riders wearing a t-shirt. This would eliminate the great team atmosphere we have at the race.


The extra fee is not to discourage those from trying an o-cup. If you have an adult membership you can still race the O-Cup without upgrading WMBC membership. OCA does require a one day event permit be purchased at the race. Paul Guenette, Wolfpack Racing co-ordinator will assist anyone who wishes to join the group.


Adult $45 – over 18yrs 

Youth $25 – under 18yrs



Recreational rides 

Wednesday’s 630pm, at naughton trails – Ride captains to provide guided tours. Social atmosphere, more talking then riding. Grouped by ability and desire. 

Sunday morning – same as above, possible at other location in Greater Sudbury 

Rec. Rides are a great way to socialize, stay fit, learn the trail systems in Greater Sudbury


Youth Program $20 + youth membership, runs in the summer excluding long weekends and holidays. Teaching safe riding practices. Details on our site.


Online registration done via Zone 4. Link on our site in membership info area. Costs club $3.31 for every $45 membership. Reasonable fee should be covered by additional members joined due to ease of registration. Waivers signed electronically and stored on online, payments made securely on Zone 4 site and deposited into our site.


Paper registrations will be made available upon request by contacting Marc Larochelle. All explained on our site.
Paper registration will be made available at our open house.
Paper registration can then be added to Zone 4 site to keep an accurate list of members.
No more burden on local bike store to solicit members, take payments etc


13. Notice(s) of Motion (s) 


1. Member feedback exercise: Erik Labrosse 

  • Present goal and purpose of membership survey 
  • Describe the process and confidentiality measures 
  • Distribute short 1-page surveys and collect 
  • Next step: Prepare and present results in a report to be posted on website


2. Next meeting 


3. Closure


END 8:45pm

Kids skills sessions at Naughton Trails

SmileThere will be skills sessions at the Naughton Trails for our younger members 10-14 yrs. The fisrt session will be held 01 Jul 10 at 1:00 PM.

The session will consist of a 45 minute skills session followed by a trail ride. Parents are welcome to come out with the group. Please make sure you put on sunscreeen and have a helmet and water bottle.


The other sessons will run on 08 and 22 Aug 2010. The Club is looking at starting a regular Sunday children's ride group. Our IMBA insurance now gives us some options. We may be offering club memberships to children 8-10 yrs old under the IMBA insurance for a much lower fee to allow for the Sunday rides.  Details will be posted in the near future once we have finalized things. Stay tunedSmile


Switchback Trail is now open

CoolThe WMBC Trail Crew has finally opened Switchback to riding. Please watch your speed as you make the last descent on the Roller Coaster because the new line is marked and is a little green. The crew also put a culvert in place of the bridge at the bottom of Penthouse and cleaned up the lower trails in several places. We will be closing the descent where the 4 kms skate trail goes up to make it a little smoother. Please stay off that trail until further notice.

Someone has been changing the signs to make people ride the worng way--PLEASE DO NOT ALTER THE SIGNS--Very Dangerous.


Thanks to all those who showed up to help up today--it was a very productive dayLaughing