All Trails are Open

The whole trail system is open.  When returning from Dropout or Paul's Paper Trail, follow the arrows off the ski trail to the new trail to the south.  This will avoid the muddy section of the ski trail.  Enjoy!

Trail Work Parties - Naughton Trails

Eight trail warriors came out on Wednesday to move the winter’s debris. Dan & Wayne burned the midnight oil & stayed after class ‘til dark!  The entire lower west trail section has been raked, attacked with the leaf blower and signs posted. 

Work for Sunday June 1 includes:
 - Place Fern’s & Bottom Bracket Bridge bridges
 - Rake & blow-off Rusty Ridge, Cross-Over
 - Put out garbage containers
 - Move bleachers to block the Causeway Ski Trail (six strong backs required)
 - Mow the lawn beside the Parking Lot
 - Finish lower trail signage
 - Grab board walks from east end trails for lower ski trail wet spots
 - Start cleaning off the Upper West trails – Door Step, Dead Fall, Long Road, etc…

If this dry, warm weather continues, June 14 looks promising for opening the lower trails.  Let’s hope the Jun 2 storm is only a rumour.  Stay tuned and do a Sundance.

We've create trail work events on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings for the next few weeks in the Calender of Events.  We'll keep at it until the work is done.  Check back for changes in the Upcoming Events box on the home page.

Come one out for part of the time or the whole time.

Call Rusty at 705 919 1057 if you need more information or to find the group when you get to site.


Canada Cup is 53 Days Away---We Need your Help!


WMBC, Pulse Racing and The City of Greater Sudbury are really excited to bring you the 2014 Ontario leg of the Canada Cup XCO Mountain Bike Series July 11-13, 2014 at the Naughton Ski/Bike Trails!!!
We have conformation that the 2012 World MTB champion Catherine Pendrel, our men's and ladies Olympians as well as most of the major factory and trade racing teams will be right at our home venue for this event. To Put this event on and do it right---WE NEED YOUR VOLUNTEER HELP!!!! There are many roles that have to be filled including registration, timing, marshals, venue management, set up and tear down, parking, pre-ride fee collection, food services and more. Students will receive volunteers hours for school. Anyone who in interested in being part of a world class racing event is asked to contact our volunteer coordinator Mary Waddell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Get involved...tell your friends and help us make this another great weekend of racing in Naughton!!!!


We are up to 83 Members!

Thank you for supporting our Club. To date, 83 people have registered on Zone4. Sign up today!  Keep those memberships rolling in.  We are 88% of the way to last year's compliment of 94.  Get yours now! 


You must all purchase a UCI licence or citizen permit and join the Walden MTB by registering online at Zone4. The club also requires your name, address, DOB, phone number, category and UCI licence#. This information is required for our reports to the OCA to keep our affiliation and insurance status in good standing. Send this information to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  I am setting a diary date for 24 April 2014

Those WMBC members who are doing the 8, 24 hr and non OCup events are not required to purchase the UCI licence or citizen permits as your race fees include the insurance.