Membership Information

2017 Club Membership Fees - Jan 1/2017 to Dec 31/2017:

We've adjusted our annual rates to be friendlier for families.

Adult - $60
Youth  (18 years and under) - $25 for the first and $15 for each of the rest

Register online now using Zone4 by clicking here

Paper-based registration, along with Cash / Cheque payments are available by downloading the form/waivers and the using Canada Post to mail in them in along with the fee.

We don't offer a Fat Biking Membership yet.  For 2017, the Walden Cross Country Fitness Club is offering free fat biking on its trails for members.  Discounts on Day Fee 6-Packs are available for WMBC members.

Why should you get a membership?

If you enjoy using our trails, become a member.  If you are visiting the area and only come out once or twice, drop a couple toonies in our donation box each time.  There is a small group of dedicated volunteers that put in over 600 hours last year to maintain the mountain bike trail system at the Naughton Trail Centre.  The trails facility is on a combination of City, private and crown land. We hope you will appreciate these trails and support our efforts by purchasing a $60 membership.  We keep our rates low, with the hope that at least 100 people will sign up, so the Club (a non-profit corporation) can break even.

Walden Mountain Bike Club Needs You!

The key to the success of any club or social organization is the involvement by its membership. There are many ways that you can get involved with WMBC and help out including, trail work, volunteering at club events, administrative tasks, being a ride captain....and the list goes on.  This year WMBC is hosting a national level mountain bike race right here in Naughton and we can use your help with the event. We also have 11.5 kms of singletrack at the Naughton trails. The WMBC Trail Crew can always use an extra pair of hands when trail maintanence and trail building are happening. We can use help keeping the grass around the chalet cut, we have signs to put up....Bring your creative enrgey and ideas.  Anyone who wants to become involved can contact Rob St. Marseille at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The Revised Single Track Trail Map is On-Line

It will be a couple months before the trail open in the spring, but the new trail map is ready.  Check out the trails that were added last fall.  New trails include Wet Spot, Table Top, Honey Badger, Vic's Gravity Drop and Lady's Only.


We still have stock of WMBC gear available for purchase.  Would make a great XMAS gift for any rider.

Jersey $75

T-Shirt $25


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to arrange purchase

Please Do Not Remove Snowfence or Barrier Tape

To those using the Naughton Trails!!!!! If a trail or a feature is taped off as closed, it is closed for a reason and not to be used. The snow fence was torn off the flyover leaving it open for use--it is not open for use right now. Also the barrier tape at the ends of the new trails has been taken down--the trails are not yet complete!!! Please do not tamper with barrier tape, or any snow fence that is errected as they are in place for your safety and ours. If someone removes these safety features and causes someone to get hurt....would not be a good thing.