WMBC Cat5Gear Cyclist Cases

CAT5Gear Bag have arrived!   ONLY 5 remaining - The colour is Black. They make the perfect Christmas gift for only 70$.  They are embroidered with the Club logo.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Details on the case is at the Cat5Gear Site.

2018 Club Jersey

Introducing the 2018 WMBC jersey!  It is available in race fit or loose/active fit short sleeve.  Price is $80 each & it's available in both men and women sizing.  We need a minimum of 6 to lock in this price.  We are currently working on getting a sizing kit for us.  Sizing information is at  Get in touch with Paul if you'd like one.

Weekly Fat Bike Rides

Fat bike group rides will start Tuesday Dec 5, 6:30PM.  Check out our Fat Bike Facebook group for the latest and last minute information.  We hope to vary the venue but weather conditions may dictate where we hold the ride (and we might have to swap locations fairly late, if there is unexpected weather). Seeing as these will be night rides, make sure you have a good light (and a backup light). Here are a list of possible venues. If you have additional ideas please comment, pass it on to Scott.

  • Kivi Park
  • Naughton Ski Trails (once open)
  • Laurentian Trails (until skiing starts)
  • Fielding Park (trail permitting)
  • Nordic Ski Hill
  • Moonlight Beach
  • Lake Riding (lake conditions permitting)

Naughton Trails Closed to Biking

Signs have been posted at the Naughton Trails indicating that they are closed to biking ‘til spring.  The trail markers will come down over the next week.  The Ski Club is busy getting the system set up for skiing and snowshoeing.  If the conditions suddenly change to provide a solid trail surface to ride on, we can open the trails up again for riding. Stay tuned for fat biking opportunities on the skate trails once a firm base is established.

Get your 2018 WMBC Membership

Just in time for your Christmas gift shopping, the 2018 WMBC membership registration is on-line!  Membership plates can be mailed out so you can put something under the tree for your special someone.