Membership Information

2018 Club Membership Fees - valid now to Dec 31/2018:

We've tried to make our membership fee friendly for families.

Adult - $60
Youth  (18 years and under) - $25 for the first and $15 for each of the rest

Register online now using Zone4 by clicking here

Paper-based registration, along with Cash / Cheque payments are available by downloading the form/waivers and the using Canada Post to mail in them in along with the fee.

For 2018, the Walden Cross Country Fitness Club is offering winter fat biking on its skate trails for WCCFC members.  Those not a WCCFC member can ride during the winter wiht the purchase of a day pass.

Why should you get a membership?

If you enjoy using our trails, become a member.  If you are visiting the area and only come out once or twice, drop a couple toonies in our donation box each time.  There is a small group of dedicated volunteers that put in over 600 hours last year to maintain the mountain bike trail system at the Naughton Trail Centre.  The trails facility is on a combination of City, private and crown land. We hope you will appreciate these trails and support our efforts by purchasing a $60 membership.  We keep our rates low, with the hope that at least 100 people will sign up, so the Club (a non-profit corporation) can break even.