Get a little more involved in Club activities

Here’s a list of the positions to deliver all the events and programs in our calendar.  Several people are filling several positions.

If you see a position for your skills, send us an email or message us on Facebook (these are usually the best way to reach us, unless you see us at an event).

The 2017 WMBC Coordinators and Committee Members

  • Recording Secretary: VACANT - Rusty Hopper, but looking to train another
  • Trail Maintenance/Development Coordinator: Rusty Hopper, but willing to train another
  • Registration / Membership Coordinator:  Rusty Hopper, but willing to train another
  • Volunteer Hours Tracker:  Rob St. Marseille, but willing to train another
  • Website Administrator: Steve Knight
  • Website & Facebook Events Editor:  Rusty Hopper, but willing to train another
  • Equipment Coordinator:  VACANT - Rusty Hopper, but looking to train another
  • Fat Bike Ride Coordinator: Scott McClure
  • Trail Sign Maintenance: Rusty Hopper, but willing to train another
  • Communication Coordinator: Vacant
  • Fitness Challenge Coordinator: Rusty Hopper, but willing to train another
  • Race Series Coordinator: Marc Rioux
  • Wolfpak Liaison: Marc Rioux
  • Wolfpak Team Manager: Paul Guenette
  • Social Event Coordinator: VACANT - Rusty Hopper & Rob St. Marseille but looking to train another
  • Group Ride Coordinator: VACANT - Rusty Hopper, but looking to train another
  • Women’s Group Ride Coordinator:  Marcie Neuburger
  • Family Ride Coordinators: Laura Bewick & Marc Rancourt
  • Kids Event Coordinator: VACANT - Rusty Hopper, but looking to train another
  • Skills Clinic Coordinator: VACANT - Rusty Hopper, but looking to train another
  • Information Event Coordinator - VACANT

Details of the commitment for each position are listed below:

Recording Secretary: 
Attend the monthly Club Board meetings, take notes of the proceedings and issue minutes

Trail Maintenance/Development Coordinator: 
Someone needs to keep watch over the trails and determine when work needs to be done to maintain the quality of the trails.  This person plans the trail work parties at appropriate times and directs the volunteers. Our riders also yearn for new trail riding experiences.  The Naughton Trail Centre has tremendous potential for new riding opportunities.  Someone is needed to understand the possibilities, make plans, review plans with the Board, plan the work and oversee the volunteers.

Registration / Membership Coordinator: 
This person uses Zone4 to set-up and maintain the on-line application for memberships and programs, and processes paper registrations

Volunteer Hours Tracker: 
This person uses a spreadsheet to keep track of hours spent by volunteers on trail work and other activities.  Hours worked are email to the tracker and the tracker produces a report on an annual basis.  Tracking this information is important when preparing funding applications.

Website Administrator:

This person arranges the services to host our website and sets up the framework on the site for others to post content.

Website & Facebook Events Editor:

Our membership need to know when events are happening and all the details.  This person maintains the event calendar on the Website and on Facebook.  The post the information provided by the event organizers

Equipment Coordinator:

Maintain our fleet of motorized tools, we have 3 chain saws, 3 line trimmers, 2 lawn mowers and a tiller.  Keep them running and winterize them before the snow flies.  Keep our trail maintenance tools sharp.

Fat Bike Ride Coordinator: 
In the winter, someone needs to arrange weekly group rides and get information on the web.  These rides introducing new riders with winter trail riding, introduce riders to areas to ride and provide social opportunities to riders that already enjoy the Fat side of the sport.

Trail Sign Maintenance: 
Riders like our trails for many reasons, but one is the great signage.  These need to be maintenance as the age and as new trails are developed.  The signs also need to be taken down in the fall to avoid trail user confusion in the winter and put up in the spring.  Someone needs to arrange for signage and ensure they remain in good condition.

Communication Coordinator: 
This person keeps our members aware of our events via monthly emails and Facebook posts.

Fitness Challenge Coordinator: 
This person leads the effort to organize the Mounting Bike Tour, which is the trail riding event in the Sudbury Fitness Challenge.

Race Series Coordinator: 
The Club hosts a series of evening races in the summer.  This person arranges the details to make these events happen.

Social Events Coordinator: 
Social rides and activities have become something our members appreciate.  The Club has 7 of these scheduled this year.  Help to make them happen by offering to coordinate one, or a few.  Work with a friend as a team and take them all on.

Group Ride Coordinator: 
This person finds and trains people to act as ride leaders for group rides.

Family Ride Coordinator: 
This person get the information on the Family Rides to interested members.

Kids Events Coordinator: 
The Club is making efforts to introduce kids to joys of trail riding.  It hosts two Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day, one the second weekend of June and one the weekend before the Thanksgiving.  Someone is needed to organize these events.

Skills Clinic Coordinator: 
This person schedules the skills clinics offered by the Club, finds the instructors and organizes the clinics.

Information Event Coordinator
To let the public know about our Club and recruit new members, we set up information boots at several Expo event in the City over the year.  Banff Mountain Film Festival, Mountain Bike Demo Days, Sudbury Rocks Expo, Wild & Scenic Film Festival.  This person coordinates the booth at the event and recruits volunteers for the booth.