Get a bit involved in Club activities

If you what to get a bit involved in Club activities, the following jobs can be picked up when you have time in your schedule.

Trail Maintenance Volunteer: 

We have 12 km of trails and they don’t maintain themselves.  Showing up with some old jeans and work-gloves during a work party can go a long way for the Club. We have a trail-maintenance committee that is always on the lookout for fresh faces. In the early season, it takes a good bit of raking and cleaning to get our trails back to their pristine, ready-to-ride condition.  Bridges need to go in the spring and come out in the fall.  Signs need to go up in the spring and come down in the fall.  Maintaining trail condition takes an occasional pass with the line-trimmer to keep the ferns and saplings at bay.   Removing the leaves in the fall can extend the riding season a month when we have a dry fall.  Trees need to be trimmed and fallen trees removed.  When water and overuse erodes the trails, action is required.

Event Volunteer:

The Club puts on many events each year and people are needed during the event to make it happen.  If you want to be involved at our races - taking pictures, helping with timing and registration at the event, assisting with flagging and preparing race courses, being a course marshal, or cleaning-up after the event, you can help make our biggest events run more smoothly.

Group Rides:   Offer to be a Group Ride Leader

Take a Kid Mounting Biking Day:

    • Registration
    • Food Prep
    • Ride Leader
    • Activity Leaders
    • Photographer

Fitness Challenge Mountain Bike Tour:

    • Course flagging before and clean-up after
    • Parking Lot Attendant
    • Registration Table
    • Draw Prizing Table
    • Trail Marshalls
    • Finish Line Timers
    • Results
    • Awards Coordinator
    • Photographer

Other Opportunities:

    • Attend an instructor clinic and be an instructor at a skills clinic
    • Cut the lawn at the Naughton trailhead
    • Keep the garbage containers at the Naughton trailhead empty