Routes at the Naughton Trail Centre

If you are new to our trail system and don't know where to start, do not despair.  We have six routes to ride that have been rated for difficulty and are marked with arrows for you to follow.  Click on the links below to get the maps for the routes.

  • Nice & Easy - Pink - Easiest - 3 km & 19 m of elevation climb
    • It uses the lower ski trails and is the easiest loop
  • First Steps - Green - Easy - 4 km & 20 m of elevation climb
    • An great loop to use as an introduction to trail riding or just for a good crank session
  • Dialed In - Blue - More Difficult - 6 km & 57 m of elevation climb
    • This takes the green loop and adds in some short technical climbs and descents
  • Short'n Sweet - Orange - Extremely Difficult - 4 km & 81 m of elevation climb
    • Great if you only have 45 minutes and are ready for some great technical climbs and descents
  • Kitchen Sink - Red - Extremely Difficult - 12 km & 234 m of elevation climb
    •  Pack a second pair of lungs and string all our trails together for 90 to 120 minute ride.  Start on the lower section as a worm-up and then head for the hills.
  • Second Lap - Yellow - Extremely Difficult - 4 km & 103 m of elevation climb
    • Still have gas in the tank and 30 minutes to burn?  Do the Full Monty.  Add this loop as a second lap.  It starts near the end of the Kitchen Sink loop on Misouri-Guerin and makes for an epic 16 km ride.